Passenger kicked off plane for tweeting

Allison Wallace
Passenger kicked off plane for tweeting

Lisa Carter-Knight was tweeting about her delayed flight and according to her, it got her kicked off the JetBlue plane.

She was on her way home to Boston from Philadelphia in the US when her JetBlue Flight 760 was delayed. She took to Twitter, as many travellers do, to describe what was going on.

Flight 760 was delayed by four hours Tuesday night, according to flight-tracking website FlightAware.

Carter-Knight posted the entire experience on twitter:

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A spokesperson for JetBlue confirmed to CNN that a customer accusation of the pilot being intoxicated delayed Flight 760 prior to departure. A sobriety test was conducted as a precautionary measure.

The airline went on to say that Lisa Carter-Knight was not removed from the flight because of her tweets but that this customer was denied boarding due to unruly behaviour and creating a disturbance by the gate area.

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