Aussie passenger's warning after luggage 'broken into' after flight

Reena Devi

A rock violinist’s angry post about finding his luggage damaged after flying from Bali to Singapore has gone viral.

Katei Chang, 34, took to Facebook after he picked up his luggage at Changi Airport following a flight from Bali to Singapore on Singapore Airlines, only to realise that 'the lock has been ripped off and my suitcase broken into'.

The Japan-born musician who lives in Australia posted an accompanying photo of the damaged luggage, adding that 'you can tell by the picture that it was broken into with a lot of force'.

Katei's Facebook rage over his tampered with luggage has gone viral. Photo: Facebook/katei.chang

Nothing was stolen but his items, mainly CDs and sheet music, had been opened and tampered with. He reported the matter to the relevant airport services.

Katei also stated in his post that three other passengers from the same flight had a similar issue.

A guest entertainer who performs on ships around the world, Katei said he 'flew 78 flights last year and never came across anything disgusting like this'.

The Melbourne-based entertainer posted a photo of his luggage, which he claims was broken into. Photo: Facebook/katei.chang

Katei said he posted on social media about this situation because he wants to warn others.

“Travellers need to be extra careful and airports also need to up their security levels for workers too,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore.

In his Facebook post, Katei questioned Bali’s international airport as to whether they did background checks on their staff internally.

Since Monday, his post has gone viral with over 4,000 shares and 1500 comments.

However, some have questioned him – from his bag choice, to how he knew that the tampering happened in Bali and not in Singapore.

Katei claims he's not the only one who had luggage issues, with three other people from his flight having items stolen. Photo: Getty

In additional updates to the Facebook post, Katei said that the issue was not about the countries but about the 'scum that broke into people’s bags and it just happened to be in Bali-Singapore'.

He also said that the director of the Bali airport and the operator company in Indonesian airports had reached out to him. They were investigating the matter and checking CCTV footage in Bali.

Singapore Airlines’ baggage service in Changi Airport had also submitted a report internally.

Katei is currently waiting to hear from them about the results of their investigation.

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