Peach Mango Floats SO Frightfully Good!

Yahoo! NZ

Halloween doesn't have to only be about the chocolate and candy... It can be about the tasty frozen desserts too! Our RightThisMinute spookster Jessica Hord has something scary good up her sleeve. Frightful Floats! Don't know what those are? Well, let us introduce you to your favorite new icy beverage. All you need is mango sorbet, peach mango juice and some sparkling peach soda! Can all the mango lovers say, "OH YEAH!" You'll Need: — 6 oz. V8 Splash Mango Peach    — 6 oz. IZZE Sparkling Juice Peach  — 2 scoops mango sorbet     Instructions:   1. Put two scoops of sorbet in a glass.   2. Pour in V8 and IZZE juice. You're done!   Inspired by: Nourished Simply