Peel-off blackhead mask goes viral

Sarah Carty

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a blackhead mask being removed.

And if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, then now’s your time as this video of a woman peeling off a full-face mask has gone wild online.

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Over 24 million people have already watched the video and just from looking at it you’ll know why.

Beauty blogger JosieK uploaded a video of her removing a face mask. Photo: YouTube.

The video was uploaded by top beauty blogger Beautybyjosiek who created a DIY mask using non-toxic children’s school glue and charcoal powder.

“I have seen so many people do this and so I decided to try this out for myself and see if it works,” Josie says at the start of the video.

She applies the mask all over her face with a brush and lets it dry before peeling it off slowly.

The mask comes off in one perfect piece and after inspecting her face in a mirror, the blogger is astounded.

The video of he blogger peeling off the mask has been viewed 24 million times. Photo: YouTube.

“Holy crap honey,” she said.

“My face is so smooth guys and look, like all of my blackheads are gone. It’s amazing. Amazing!”

The mask comes off in one whole piece. Photo: YouTube.
The end result is pretty gross. Photo: YouTube.

She also took to the comments section on the video to further gush over the mask.

“This super easy DIY blackhead peel off mask is everything,” she said.

“It’s absolutely amazing and took every single blackhead out of my face and my face was super super smooth after I pulled it off.

She went on recommend what type of glue people use and how they take off the mask (always upwards).

“Make sure you don’t apply it super super thick and you are golden,” she said.

It comes after world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist Harold Lancer, MD, brought out a new face mask called the "Younger Revealing Mask Intense," which includes a magnet to literally suck the dirt from your face.

Yes, the magnets that usually belong on your fridge are now taking over the beauty world as they promise to give you skin you could only dream of before.

A few chosen bloggers have managed to nab some boxes of the innovative mask and here's what we've learned from them.

At $250 (US) it doesn't come cheap. With your purchase you get four single serves of the mask, each containing a rich active ingredient; hydroxypinacolone retinoate, which promises to boost your skin's natural collagen production and also mineral powder, which reacts to the magnet.

The 'Younger Revealing Mask Intense' promises to revolutionise the way face masks work forever. Photo: Dr Lancer

You're then instructed to layer the mask over your face and leave it on for five-to-ten minutes before using the magnet to remove it.

As you sweep the magnet over your face, the mask will literally be sucked off your face and onto the magnet, so there's no need for any water.

Apparently the water dilutes the efficiency of the ingredients in the mask and when you wash it away you're also getting rid of all of the nutrients.

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