Belly button surgery is the bizarre new beauty trend

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Just when you think plastic surgery trends couldn’t get any weirder, along comes news that women are getting their belly buttons altered.

Cosmetic surgery crazes have been pretty out-there of late. First came news that women were getting their ‘bra bulge’ removed.

Next ‘thighlighting’ arrived. ICYMI thighlighting is the umbrella term for a variety of leg-based plastic surgery procedures – thigh lifts, liposuction, trimming down the inner thighs, and even calf implants.

This is perhaps the most bizarre plastic surgery trend we've heard of. Photo: E!

Last, but definitely by no means least was the influx of women wanting ‘designer nipples’.

But turns out nipples, legs and back bulges aren’t enough for the female of the species to be worrying about, now we have to stress that our belly buttons aren’t the right shape and size too. *sighs*

According to Allure, belly button surgery is set to be the cosmetic trend of 2018. Darren Smith, a plastic surgeon working in New York City, says he’s seen a significant increase in the number of patients enquiring about altering their belly button.

And it seems there are a few different reasons why people might look to surgery to change their belly button.

While some are keen to switch their outie to an innie, others want to tighten a belly button that’s been stretched during pregnancy, and a further group turn to surgery to banish excess skin following weight loss.

Women are getting their belly buttons altered. Photo: Getty Images

According to plastic surgeons, there are three main types of belly button-altering surgery: umbilicoplasty, which changes the size and or shape of your navel, umbilical hernia repair, and a classic tummy tuck where surgeons alter the size and shape of your navel during weight loss surgery.

While it might seem extreme going under the knife for a new belly button, it is possible that stress over the size or shape of your navel could seriously affect a person’s body confidence.

Though the look of your belly button is nothing to be ashamed of, if it is having an impact on the way you feel about your body, then at least there are last-resort procedures there to look into.

But, as with all surgeries, there are risks of infection and scarring and surgery shouldn’t be entered into lightly.

Besides, though your navel may be the trendy thing to stress about today, we guarantee in a few months there will be something else to obsess over.

Ear lobe shaming anyone, or is that already a thing?

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