People are outraged over this roadkill art

Sarah Carty

An art exhibition at a Sydney gallery has caused controversy by creating fashion out of dead animals.

Artist Emily Valentine Bullock created the PREEN exhibition at Janet Clayton Gallery in Paddington to bring attention to how badly animals are treated.

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However people are outraged at the collection, which features a hat worth $2,500, a pair of $650 roadkill loafers and a $4,000 lorikeet bra and skirt set.

People have expressed their distaste at Emily Valentine's exhibition. Pictured is the Lori Hat, which is priced at $2,500. Photo: Janet Clayton Gallery
Pictured is the Lorikeet Bra and Skirt from the collection, which is worth $4,000. Photo: Janey Clayton Gallery

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Bullock explained the aim of the exhibition was to spark awareness about animal welfare.

“People don’t discuss how many animals die on the roads,” she said.

“I want to confront the viewer with the uncomfortable nature of the feather, to question our callous treatment of animals and birds.

“And ask how we subconsciously classify animals, pet or pest, valued or worthless, beautiful or plain.”

However when the pictures from the exhibition were uploaded to the gallery’s Instagram page, people let loose in the comments section.

The exhibition also features $650 Roadkill loafers. Photo: Janet Clayton Gallery
People were outraged at this photo posted to Instagram. Photo: Instagram

“Stretching a dead bird over your head is art?,” one person said underneath a photo of three women wearing bird headpieces.

“Revolting violent display and callous disregard for animals who are infinitely more graceful and respectable than the "artist" and the unthinking masses who celebrate this "artwork",” another person said.

Others commented saying the women “should be ashamed” for wearing the bird headdresses in the picture but some saw it as the art it was supposed to be.

The artist aims to confront people about how animals are treated. Photo: Instagram
However many people on Instagram have commented that they believe it's inappropriate. Photo: Instagram

“Hey I understand that the birds are found already dead in the bush. Why the protest? I see it as art being in homage to wildlife,” a commenter said.

Underneath an image of a man wearing the ‘Lori Hat’ from the collection, people continued to express their distaste for the exhibition.

“This exhibition is seriously sickening. It makes a mockery of our wildlife. How dare you!,” one person said.

“So very gross... What an inappropriate use of wildlife,” another said.

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