Beauty trend: full make-up on your legs

Sarah Carty

Taking a glance at these make-up looks you’d be forgiven for thinking someone has just done an epic beauty job on their face.

However if you look very closely, you’ll see it’s actually a new trend where people are painting full faces of slap on their legs.

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The hilarious thigh trend has taken off on Instagram, with countless people posting Images of their stunning creations with the hashtag #legmakeup.

As crazy as it may seem, it’s actually a pretty genius way for budding make-up artists to practice their skills without having to get a model or use a paper face chart.

Usually, out thighs are smooth and hairless, which make them the perfect platform to try out a range of bizarre looks.

Take a look at some of the epic creations below:

This gorgeous eye make-up look was done on someone's thigh. Photo: Instagram
A woman tried out the trend on her boyfriend's thigh. Photo: Instagram
A make-up artist tries out the crazy trend. Photo: Instagram
This stunning look was created on a woman's leg. Photo: Instagram
The trend has taken over Instagram. Photo: Instagram

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