People can’t get over this worker’s ‘feral’ breakfast

Kristine Tarbert

No doubt many of us made the New Year’s resolution to eat healthier and have probably failed miserably already.

But this person has not let the ‘diet’ beat them – although what they have in their breakfast bowl has completely grossed out pretty much everyone on the internet.

Jeffrey Russell took to Reddit to share a photo of an extremely questionable breakfast, that his friend sent to him.

The friend claimed this was the breakfast his co-worker was eating. And it’s not ok.

Breakfast of champions.... NOT. Photo: Reddit

Shared in the thread ‘shittyfoodporn’ – for good reason – the combination of a hard-boiled egg and chopped up banana, together, in a bowl, is just not ok.

Banana = good.

Boiled egg = good.

Together = bad, very, very bad.

Source: Giphy

"I'd be questioning my life choices," one baffled person posted on the thread.

“Might be the ‘f**k it’ stage of their New Year's diet,” suggested another.

“When you lose your ability to taste and just want to hit your macros,” another person said.

Just imagine the smell.

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