People can't get enough of this 49 cent IKEA tea towel

Bianca Soldani

Who knew a humble kitchen tea towel would be something to write home about?

But for the jaw-dropping price of just 49 cents a pop, this IKEA one has shoppers losing their minds.

It doesn't look like much, but people love this IKEA dish cloth. Photo: IKEA

The Tekla dish towel has a huge fan base for such a humble product, with many of them finding a whole range of unusual uses for the towel.

Sharing their experiences on a blog, one woman wrote, “We definitely abuse the hell out of the Teklas since they're so cheap and we literally have a basket full of them.

“I also find myself using one as a potholder, to dry my hands, and to wipe surfaces off as I cook.”

They're also being used as napkins. Photo: IKEA
This blogger turned hers into drawstring bags! Photo: Red Red Completely Red

“I love the Teklas. I usually buy 5-6 of them every time I go to IKEA. Old ones get recycled into cleaning rags or garage rags,” another said, while a third raved, “They require a wash or 2 to be absorbent but are the best freakin dish towel and at the price you can replace when they wear out...I use them for everything...”

While plenty of shoppers say Tekla has helped them go paper towel free, they’ve also been used as dinner napkins, scrubbing towels, a drawstring bag and even curtains!

One mum revealed that she actually uses hers to keep her veggies fresh in the fridge. She wraps her greens in a damp Tekla and swears they last longer.

How about tea towel curtains? Photo: livelaughrowe

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