People in this profession are more likely to cheat

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It seems there’s a link between your job and having an extramarital fling.

Website Victoria Milan - which is a dating site for people looking for affairs - interviewed 5,650 of its users who were female professionals to see if people in a certain career were more likely to stray.

It was found that women who were financial experts were more likely to do the dirty on their husbands and boyfriends than anyone else.

Women who are financial experts are more likely to cheat.Source: Getty

21 per cent of the women surveyed were bankers, brokers and analysts.

Meanwhile, pilots and flight attendants were found to be the second biggest cheats (19 per cent), followed by doctors and nurses (15 per cent).

65 per cent of professional females admitted to sleeping with work mates in the report, but 85 per cent didn’t recommend it.

Those who cheated were more likely to with a colleague. Source: Getty

But of course, it’s not just women that have extramarital affairs at work.

According to married dating site, Illicit Encounters, men who work in financial services are also more likely to cheat.

Both men and women in the financial sector are likely to stray. Source: Getty

After tallying up its nearly one million users, it found that 18 per cent of people in financial services had had affairs, followed by people in management and HR (12 per cent), and eight per cent of those who were executives and self-employed.

People who were in the engineering and IT/ communications sections were six per cent likely to stray, followed by five per cent of accountants and four per cent of sales and marketing employees.

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