People share the hilarious lies their parents told them

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When you were a little you probably assumed everything your parents told you was the truth. They wouldn’t lie about something so important as the wind changing your face, or sandwich crusts making your hair curl - or would they?

Whether or not you have children yourself now, chances are you’ve figured out that parenting requires the telling of the odd white lie.

That’s why we’re loving this Twitter thread about the hilarious ‘truths’ our own parents used to spin us when we were little.

Were you ever told something as a kid that didn't seem quite right? It probably wasn't... Photo: Getty

The genius thread was started by Twitter user @T0nit0ne who shared her own tale of parenting porkies.

“Have your folks ever told you something as a child that was totally false, in an attempt to stop you from doing something?” she wrote.

“When I was 6, I used to pick my navel and my Dad told me that if bacteria goes in, it would travel through my umbilical chord vessels and attack my guts….”

Having shared her tale, social media was quick to respond with their own examples of fibs their parents told. So much so, that the Influencer went on to collate some of her favourites in a Twitter moment.

It seems there were quite a few food related fibs parents dreamed up.

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