People share worst horror-in-law stories

Allison Yee

They’re the parentals you inherit thanks to your significant other, so it’s no wonder the relationship between you and your in-laws is bound to be an interesting one.

If you’re lucky? It’s a mutual love-fest all round, everyone knows their boundaries and they gift you epic birthday presents you don’t ever need the receipt for.

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If you’re not? They can be demanding, spend way too much time at your house and worst of all, unlike with your own parents, you can’t throw a temper tantrum and tell them to leave you alone.

It seems there’s a lot of people out there suffering through the latter, with users taking to Whisper to reveal their horror parent-in-law stories.

The too-friendly in-law

“My father-in-law posted ‘Sexy!’ on my latest profile picture. Sometimes he gives me the creeps.”

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The ‘I wish my son/daughter’ married someone else in-law

“Today, my mother-in-law ‘accidentally’ tried to run me over.”

“My mother-in-law just introduced me as her ‘son’s friend’ even though he and I have been married for 3 years. What?”

“My mother-in-law CRIED to my husband because she didn’t like the gold earrings we got her for Mothers Day… I hate her.”

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The needy in-law

“My father-in-law has to be involved in everything we do. I can never have anything to do with only my husband.”

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The critical in-law

“My father-in-law always makes fun of me for dying my hair dark gray. I just tell him I do it so he’s not the only one with gray hair.”

“During a family visit, I stumbled upon my father-in-law in my kitchen using my spaghetti server to scratch his bare back.”

“I can’t stand my mother-in-law sometimes… She lectures me about saving money but then she turns around and spends $8,000 on a new bathtub.”

“My mother-in-law is ‘cleaning’ my house. I’ve told her she doesn’t have to and she just continues as I sit and cringe at her touching all my stuff.”

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The stingy in-law

“My mother-in-law just made my husband give her money for the gifts she got me at my baby shower. These are my in-laws people.”

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