The 'biggest ever' rat has been caught

Kristine Tarbert

A pest controller has shared terrifying snaps of what he claims to be the ‘biggest’ ever rat in the UK.

Daren George was doing a job at a three-bedroom residential property when he was completely shocked by the size of the rodent, which measured almost 50cm from head to tail.

“He was a beast. “I couldn’t believe the size of it. It was massive,” Daren told the Daily Star.

Is this the biggest rat you've ever seen? Photo: Mega

“I knew it was big when half the rat was stuck out the other end of the box we use for trapping them.”

Daren says this wouldn’t be the last giant rat seen and the problem isn’t isolated to Britain either.

The demand for rat control in Australia, especially in Sydney, has been increasing steadily over the past two years.

The rat problem has been getting worse in Sydney. Photo: Getty

In 2016 it was reported by that rats were running rampant in Sydney’s inner city suburbs with the spread of cafes and a booming rental market.

There were sightings of rats by businesses and residents, including ones described as the size of a small cat, running in full view along streets and in backyards.

Stuart Jackson has been treating rat infestations in Sydney for 40 years and said there was definitely an increase in calls especially in areas like Surry Hills and Haymarket.

The giant UK rat measured almost 50 cm from head to tail. Photo: Mega

“There’s the old dunny lanes, neglected properties with inadequate waste control, poor hygiene standards and places where they dump their rubbish in plastic bags in the backyard,” he told

And just last month a family in Alexandria were shocked to find a ‘monster’ rodent dead in their backyard.

So much so that they were scared to let their young daughter play outside, prompting calls by councillors to introduce a ‘rat taskforce’.

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