Pete Evans hits back at doctor criticism in online rant

Allison Yee

Pete Evans has hit back at criticism surrounding his new paleo diet documentary The Magic Pill, claiming medical professionals have a vested interest in warning people away from the paleo diet he endorses.

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The celebrity chef took to Facebook after Dietitians Association of Australia spokesperson and University of Newcastle professor Clare Collins, spoke out against the film.

Pete has lashed out at various Australian medical organisations. Photo: Instagram

“This is misaligned that the answer is a magic pill paleo diet and that plays on people’s fears,” Professor Collins told The New Daily.

Pete fired back in a post claiming there was a hidden agenda behind the DAA’s opposition to the high-fat, protein-focused diet featured in his doco.

Pete has long been a supporter of following a paleo diet. Photo: Instagram

“And today's most intelligent quote must go to… the DAA (DIEtitians a$$ociation of Australia," Pete posted on his Facebook page.

“These stalwarts of the nation's health seem to be in love with the ingredient called… BREAD and their advice is really helping our nation become the sickest on the planet. Is it just a coincidence that this organisation is funded by the grains and legumes council of Australia that they respond this way?”

The celebrity chef’s new film is currently screening in Australia, and follows five people suffering from a variety of ailments and conditions including diabetes, cancer and autism.

Pete - pictured here with wife Nicola - has made headlines again for his controversial stance. Photo: Instagram

It’s reported that all patients are seen to have their symptoms drastically reduced, with one non-verbal four-year-old patient suffering from autism and 50 daily seizures, seen speaking after following the diet.

'The Magic Pill' follows the journey of five patients, including one young sufferer of autism. Photo: Youtube/

The documentary has also come under fire from the Australian Medical Association, with president Dr Michael Gannon tweeting the film was guilty of failing to “contribute to public health”.

Dr Michael Gannon also likened the film to controversial anti-vaccination documentary, Vaxxed.

“Elements of the discussion are just plain hurtful, harmful and mean,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

Pete has defended himself against the criticism in a series of posts. Photo: Facebook

Pete wasn’t afraid to speak out against the criticism here either, blasting the AMA president of making “fun of people actually regaining their health and improving the lives of themselves and their families.”

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