This coin is worth $17k – can you work out why?

Allison Yee

It’s not one of the coolest hobbies around, but the next time you scoff at anyone who collects coins, think about the serious amount of er, coin they might be raking in.

A Peter Rabbit collectors 50 pence (or about 85 Aussie cents) coin has been listed on eBay, and its asking price will blow you away.

Would you pay nearly $20k for a coin? Photo: Ebay

While the coins are already rare, this one – which was issued this year – is even more unique thanks to one little thing, which has boosted its asking price to a whopping $17,260.

Source: Giphy

“This coin is one of the rarest printed Error Peter Rabbit coin in the world,” writes the eBay seller. “The error are the colour printing on Peter Rabbit (sic).”

The untrained eye (that is, all of us) will probably miss it, but those avid collectors out there will notice Peter Rabbit has been printed onto the coin incorrectly.

Look closer at his hind leg, and you’ll see the colours don’t exactly align with the raised areas where it is meant to sit.

Printing flaws in the coin have actually made this worth even more money. Photo: Ebay

In the coin world, these errors actually increase the value of the coin as it makes them even more rare.

The eBay listing has gone viral thanks to its whopping asking price. Photo: Ebay

Before you laugh off anyone who might actually splash that amount of cash on a coin, there are 12 people watching the sale so who knows how much it will actually go for.

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