Pets when you say 'good boy'

Sarah Carty

A bunch of people are taking to the internet to show the effect being nice to your pet really has on them.

In a new thread posted to Reddit, a group of pet owners have posted images of their pet’s faces before and after they call them ‘a good boy’.

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The photos are blowing up the internet due to their hilarious and extremely endearing nature.

In the snaps, dogs and cats can be seen looking angrily at the camera in the first photo before their owner tells them they’re a ‘good boy’ and their face lights up in delight.

Check out the amazing pictures below:

This adorable pooch is delighted with the praise he got from his owner. Photo: Reddit
This blind dog's face lights up when he hears the words 'good boy'. Photo: Reddit.
While this cat seems unaffected by praise, you can see the slight grin on his face. Photo: Reddit.
This dog's face says it all. Photo: Reddit.
This dog is all of us when we're 'hangry'. Photo: Reddit.
The look of sheer joy on this dog's face could melt anyone's heart. Photo: Reddit.
This dog went from fierce to cute with two simple words. Photo: Reddit.

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