Phwoar, it's Thor!

Ladies will faint and men will bow with respect. After all, with Chris Hemsworth in the titular role for the upcoming 'THOR,' anyone who stacks on that much muscle for a role needs at least a little admiration.

Yes the trailers have been out for a while, as have a few publicity shots, but as the hype builds for 'THOR' (including a new trailer released for Super Bowl), one thing cannot be denied - Chris Hemsworth is in amazing shape.

From 2004 to 20007, Chris played Kim Hyde in the aussie soap 'Home and Away.'

After a three year stint playing a boy from the bay, Chris jumped a plane to LA and started taking meetings. Eventually he won hearts in Hollywood (and confirmed himself as an Aussie Golden Boy) with his role as Captain Kirk's father in 'Star Trek' (2009).

Now Chris is set to stun as Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior, kicked out of Asgard and sent to live among humans on Earth. On Earth, he becomes one of Earth's finest defenders and a true hero.

So when Chris isn't busy bench-pressing small cars or eating LA out of protein, what else has he been doing?

For one, he hung out at the Sundance Film Festival, hitting the town and snowboarding with his younger brother, Liam Hemsworth, and new wife, Elsa Pataky (below).

Another? Well yes, he recently tied the knot with Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, in a super secret ceremony after dating for around a year. Chris has also been busy working on other films including a remake of 'Red Dawn' (with fellow Aussie and ex-girlfriend Isabel Lucas) and will reprise his role as Thor in 'The Avengers' (to be filmed this year).

All we can say is: 'Phwoar, bring on Thor!'

Chris Hemsworth has stacked on the muscle for the upcoming 'THOR.' Credit: Paramount Pictures
Chris Hemsworth as Kim Hyde on 'Home and Away.' Credit: Channel 7
Chris with younger brother Liam (L) and new wife Elsa Pataky, at the Sundance Film Festival. Credit: Getty Images