Where to sit on a plane to avoid turbulence

Kristine Tarbert

Not only is turbulence while flying annoying – we’ve definitely spilt a drink or two – but for many people it’s also a very scary experience.

Thankfully if you have the opportunity to choose which seats you would like to sit in, we’ve found a way to make sure your flight is much smoother.

Because there is nothing worse than ending up with a crappy seat.

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Airline pilot Bruno Gillissen took it upon himself to answer a question posted on Quora.com asking where the least bumpy places on the plane are located.

Where is the least bumpy part of a plane? Photo: Getty

To get an answer he actually asked four flight attendants to say which seats they felt were more affected by turbulence.

"All four agreed upon the back of the plane being the worst place," he wrote.

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"All pilots would agree with this as well I think."

Avoid turbulence by sitting at the front. Photo: Getty

"Three out of the four were convinced the least turbulence is felt in the very front; only one of them pointed to somewhere over the wings."

He says most agreed the front of the plane was the place to be, followed closely by seats over the wings.

The seats over the wings are also stable. Photo: Getty

“The three female flight attendants agree with most airline crew that the least turbulence is in the front of the airplane. That is consistent with my experience,” he says.

Bruno explains that the zones in the front of the plane are ahead of the centre of gravity, which is somewhere between the wings in the front section.

Avoid the back if you hate turbulence. Photo: Getty

The back of the plane is definitely the worst section.

Although if you don’t mind a bump or two, think easy access to the toilets and a super quick exit.

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