Would you fly on a pilotless plane?

Kristine Tarbert

The future is here – or at least on it’s way.

By now many people have most likely experienced their first trip on say a driverless bus, or tram. And we’ve all seen the designs for driverless cars.

But a plane? Now that’s taking things to a whole new level.

According to reports, several airlines could be on their way to introducing pilotless flights. And by on their way we mean, within the next decade.

Pilotless flights could be here in the next decade. Photo: Getty

With companies in America, Germany and France already at the testing stage for automated flights, it’s a possibility that is much closer than you might think.

But a new survey has revealed that not many people are too crash hot about the idea of being on a plane 30,000ft in the air without a pilot.

Only 17 per cent of those surveyed would fly without a pilot. Photo: Getty

A study of 8000 people conducted by Swiss bank UBS found that more than half said they wouldn’t be willing to travel pilotless, even if it meant their ticket was cheaper.

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Out of the whole group only 17 per cent were open to the new-age idea.

Young people and Americans are most likely to give it a go. Photo: Getty

Breaking down the results a little more, and it looks like younger people aged 18-34 were more likely to give it a go (around 25-27 per cent), as well as people from the United States (27 per cent) over people from Germany or France (13 per cent) for example.

So where do you stand?

Would you fly without a pilot?

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