Pimple cupcakes are here to ruin cake forever

Allison Yee

For that special breed of people out there who thrive on pimple popping videos, here’s the food treat you’ve been waiting for.

In a clip that’s since gone viral with over 8000 reactions, Facebook user Aspen Jackson has shared the sight of someone squeezing a pimple shaped cupcake.

The realistic bakery blemish is seen oozing a clear liquid (gross) before the whitehead on top erupts in an epic pus volcano (even grosser).

We hate to admit it, but this looks kind of satisfying. Photo: Facebook

The video has drawn equal parts horror and fascination online.

“ I draw the line at edible zits,” wrote one Facebook commenter.

“That's disgusting, but I'd still eat it,” added another.

Would you eat these? Photo: Facebook

For those who are keen to give these pus-filled sweet treats a go, Halloween is just around the corner, so you can take a leaf out of Kylie Jenner’s book and serve them up at a spooky bash.

Kylie Jenner served them at her Halloween bash last year. Photo: Snapchat

The reality star got party goers in the mood last year, Snapchatting shots of the zit cupcakes she had at her Halloween bash.

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