Pizza Hut is giving away free pizza for three days

Tiasha Debray

I mean, it’s common knowledge that there is no bigger turn on than the sight of melted cheese, gooey, oozing, cheesy goodnes, stringy when ripped apart…. oh god somebody stop me.

Cheesus crust!

That is why the veteran Margherita pizza has become a staple in everyone’s diet. It’s a fact.

But freshly baked news is that Domino’s has yanked the beloved Margherita from its menu due to lack of sales (I can hear all the vegetarians screaming now).

Who doesn't love the veteran Margie? Photo: Pizza Hut Twitter

Fear not, our saviour Pizza Hut has served Dominos with the ultimate SHADE with plans to give away 10,000 Margherita pizzas this weekend, completely free. Yeah, honey, you heard me.

So, here is what you need to know. From Friday August, 4th to Sunday the 6th Australian Pizza Hut stores are giving away one free large Margherita pizza to each of their first 10 customers of the day.

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Catch is, you have to order in person from the store counter. And they’re expecting lines from 11am.

Free pizza, anyone?

Ahem, you remember what happened when MAC Cosmetics tried to do this?

Nonetheless we have faith Pizza Hut will pull this off flawlessfly.


In the era-long war between which pizza franchise to swear fealty to, it has come down to this final battle.

With supreme levels of sass, Pizza Hut has backhanded Domino’s into 2016 (back when they used to have Coke and not Pepsi) and crowned themselves the ultimate provider to the masses.

Bow down, b*tches!

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