Terrifying moment plane aborts landing in gale-force winds

Sarah Carty

This is the terrifying moment a KLM plane shook aggressively as it attempted to land on the runway.

The Boeing 777 was trying to touch down at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport when strong gale force winds forced it to pull up just before the wheels were about to hit the tarmac.

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The whole thing was caught on camera and shows the plane, which can carry up to 396 passengers, shaking as it eventually manages to ‘crash’ land.

Watch the terrifying moment this plane tried to attempt to land. Photo: Storyful
As it comes up to the runway it shakes violently. Photo: Storyful

In the Storyful video above, you’ll see the plane approaching the runway swaying from side-to-side.

Then, just as you think the wheels are about to skid onto the tarmac, the pilot pulls up the plane and circles around the airport before trying to land again.

It then pulls up and circles around the airport again before attempting to land for a second time. Photo: Storyful
You can see the smoke coming from the wheels of the plane. Photo: Storyful

For the second landing attempt, the brave pilot manages to push through the strong winds to get the plane on the runway in one piece.

However if you look closely you’ll see smoke coming from the wheels as it slides along the runway.

We bet those passengers were running off the plane once the doors opened.

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