Plucky piglet learns how to walk after being born with two legs

Allison Yee

He’s had a rough introduction into the world, but two-week-old piglet Miracle hasn’t let the fact he was born with two legs hold him back.

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The adorable piglet was born in a litter of six, with breeder Ari Smith Owens revealing he could tell something was wrong as soon as he was born.

"He came out almost simultaneously with one sibling and both umbilical cords were still attached to mum so maybe he was squashed and didn’t have room to grow,” Ari told Storyful.

Miracle was walking within a matter of minutes. YouTube/Colorado Cutie Pigs

Ari explains sick babies are often abandoned, but mum Babe wasn’t ready to give up on Miracle – and he rewarded her by quickly learning how to adapt to his situation.

“I watched as he figured out how to walk on his front legs in a matter of a few minutes,” says Ari.

“Later that night I disturbed mum and he ended up [nearly one metre] away from her and I watched as he walked over to her, climbed over her head and pushed a sibling off ‘his’ nipple! I knew right then what a fighter he was.”

Miracle's breeder has plans to construct a special wheelchair to help him get around. YouTube/Colorado Cutie Pigs

Now thriving and managing to hop around on his two front legs, Ari has plans to make life that little bit easier for the baby piglet.

“We are now in the process of getting a wheelchair made for him and preparing his future. He’s a strong little guy,” he says.

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