Plus-size underwear ad banned in US for being 'indecent'

Leah Cohen

A plus-size model underwear ad has been banned from major US stations for being 'indecent.'

The 'Love Your Body' campaign was designed to celebrate women of all shapes, colours and sizes.

Ashley Graham. Photo: Twitter

Unfortunately some did not see it that way.

According to retailer Lane Bryant, two major US networks asked for unspecified edits to be made to the clip, when they declined to do so, the campaign was rejected.

The ad depicts plus-size models Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot and Georgia Pratt prancing around in their bras and undies flaunting their natural curves.

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Advertising experts on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise show on Saturday March 26, made some interesting points about the campaign’s rejection and about the bold and ballsy black and white ad.

While the weekend hosts both agreed the ad was far from indecent, social commentator, Jane Caro said, although she too doesn’t see anything wrong with the ad, some may think the breastfeeding part is indecent.

Some may see breastfeeding on screen as 'indecent.' Photo: Twitter

“There does seem to be a weird reaction from some people when breasts are being used for what breasts are actually for,” Caro says.

“I think the ad is superb,” she says, “You know what? It actually makes me feel better about myself.”

Caro noted, the women in the campaign “are the subject of the ad and they are the owners of their bodies. It’s about how they feel and how they celebrate themselves.”

Lane Bryant’s #ThisBody campaign celebrates women of all shapes, colours and sizes. Photo: Twitter

When you see figuresque Victoria’s Secret models, Caro says it’s much more about “women conforming to being seen as decorative and entertaining to the male gaze. They are the object of the ad rather than subject.”

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Whether it was a publicity stunt or not, the ‘Love Your Body ad has over 1.1 million views on YouTube, and seems to be grasping our attention.

“There’s something wrong with the way we regard big women and women in general,” says Caro, “and I think good on them.”