Target slammed for 'disgusting' plus-sized fashion

Aletha Wilkinson

Target Australia has found itself in the firing line, as dozens of women took to its Facebook page to express their disappointment over the quality of its plus-size women's clothing.

The department store's newest "Belle Curve" clothing range appeared to have touched a nerve, with many customers describing it as "frumpy" and "unflattering".

Shoppers took to the store's Facebook page in droves to complain. Source: Target Australia

"Your Plus size range, what there is of it, is disgusting and certainly doesn't reflect the same effort that you put into clothing selection for size 6-16," Allie Tabone wrote. "Thanks anyway but I've taken my business elsewhere."

And she was just one of many.

"As a lsrger [sic] size lady I am fed up with the dull colors and lack of variety that is offered," Brenda Blakely wrote.

Cath Croxford complained that the plus-size range seemed to have shrunk in variety.

"The 'range' of plus sized clothes at Target seems to have reduced drastically over the last couple of years," she wrote. "Nothing gets added throughout the season - I keep checking, but it doesn't change.

"If you have reduced your range because sales are down, it's not because of lack of demand, you are just missing the mark. Most of the range is just frumpy.

"There will be one or two nice designs - then, just daggy.

"There are lots of clothes in your 'regular' lines, that could easily be done in larger sizes."

These loose jogger pants were unpopular. Source: Target Australia

Disappointment seemed to be a key theme of many of the women's frustrations.

"A big disappointment, just because some of us are bigger doesn't mean we want to look frumpy!" Janet Holland wrote.

And she was just one of at least 10 women with the same problem.

"The plus size range at Target is such a disappointment," Jordan Cavanough wrote. "I am, and I'm guessing other plus size women are as well, willing to throw money at Target for good looking, affordable, plus size clothes. What we want is really simple, just take the lovely styles you make in your standard ranges and add them in your plus size range."

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A tucked-in top and a pair of loose "jogger" pants seemed to be copping the most heat from shoppers.

"Tucked in looks terrible," wrote Maz Jackson. "That is not a good look, no one wants to where [sic] daggy tracky pants (okay harem pants, but then I have never liked them)."

This tucked-in top drew special criticism. Source: Target Australia

Most of the women were left wondering why the store's plus-sized clothing wasn't more fashionable, given the market for it.

"Bigger girls want to wear nicer clothes other than oversized tshirts & jeggins!! Step it up Target," Lisa Shearer wrote.

"I can Remember the days where I was almost certain I'd walk out with clothes from Target but I have found in recent years their clothes are very uninspiring!!" Debbie Merrigan said.

And all of them wanted Target's designers to know that they're crying out for fashionable clothes, if only they were available.

"Why must plus size be dark to black....or ridiculously large ugly prints or dresses that look like sacks," Nanna Lee wrote. "We love gorgeous fashion like anyone else."

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