This is the hottest new dating app for singles looking for love

Leah Cohen

Swiping on Tinder is so last year.

There's a new app for single suitors looking for love - providing you're also a Pokémon player.

Say hello to PokéDates, the latest dating app that helps you catch Pokémon and love.

PokéDates is the new Tinder for single Pokémon Go players. Photo: Getty Images
You could meet your future lover through PokéDates by meeting and playing Pokémon GO together. Photo: Getty Images

After Pokémon GO’s smashing success, Project Fixup has come out with the best offline dating app for those addicted to playing the augmented reality game but have little time to spare looking for love.

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How it works. First, you have to be a Pokémon GO player to create a PokéProfile. Then, you fill in your personal information, ofering details about yourself and your schedule so a team of experts can find your ideal PokéMatch.

Explore, battle and strategise together. Photo: Getty Images

Next you'll receive an email all about your PokeDate, as well as a time and place for you and your match to meet, catch and battle it out together.

What’s great about this unique dating app, is that it’s free and solves many issues associated with first dates.

From eye contact to small talk, PokéDates allows you to bypass the awkwardness and get straight to the point... to play Pokémon GO together.

Channel your nerves into battling, your excitement into exploring and bond over strategising together about the ultimate ways to catch ‘em all!

The new dating app uses experts to find you a match according to your compatibility. Photo: Getty Images

Not only does PokéDate make meeting your potential future lover easier, it can tell you almost everything you need to know about them straight from the get go.

You'll be able see how they manage their emotions when they lose a battle or judge them as a life-partner by the way they incubate and hatch their Pokémon eggs.

The app avoids any first date awkwardness like eye contact. Photo: Getty Images

You can even find out about their commitment levels. First, if they show up to the date at all, and then by the stage of the game they're at. Level 5 and up surely shows their committed, but anything less and you should get the hint they might not be as serious about life as they say.

You can find out a lot about your match by how them play the game. Photo: Getty Images

So, if you’re single, ready to mingle and absolutely love playing Pokémon GO, this app has your name all over it.

Go and “catch ’em all, together” via PokéDates now!

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