Hot cops lip-sync to Backstreet Boys

Natasha Lee

Anyone who does shift work knows that working at night can get pretty lonely, not to mention boring.

Leave it to a pair of US cops to teach the rest of us how to keep things interesting.

At first they weren't so sure. Source: Facebook

Officer’s Sam Baker and Brian Daly from Port Huron Police Department in Michigan decided to throw themselves into a lip-sync battle while patrolling the streets.

The video was uploaded to the department’s Facebook page with the caption: You'll be saying "I want it that way" after watching Officer Sam Baker and Officer Brian Daly belt out this timeless classic! “

Take it away, boys! Source: Facebook

Facebook users were full of praise for the officers with one user writing: “I have seriously had one of the crappiest days today...but then I ran across THIS and it made my day end on a happy note!!”

Take it away, boys!

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