Pouring Soy Sauce on a Dead Cuttlefish is Completely Horrifying

Michelle Ruzzene
The dancing cuttlefish. Photo: YouTube.

Got a dead cuttlefish lying about? Bring it back to life with some humble soy sauce.

A video that shows diners being served up a dead cuttlefish, which appears to start dancing at the prospect of being eaten, did the rounds a few years back.

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However, it has been resurfaced on social media and it just as shocking a second time round.

The dish, unsurprisingly served up in Japan, costs around $20.

The tentacles react with the high salt content in the soy sauce, causing them to perform remarkably similar to Kevin Bacon in Footloose.

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But the cuttlefish is seen only Stayin’ Alive for a few seconds before, we can assume, it is eaten alongside a bowl of other Japanese delicacies and rice.

We’re going to need a strong sake to wash this video down with.

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