Constance Hall 'terrified of giving birth in a public hospital'

Sarah Carty

Constance Hall announced last month that she’s pregnant with her fifth child and now she’s revealed she’s “terrified” about giving birth in a public hospital.

The 34-year-old mum-of-four took to her Facebook to clarify comments she made on her radio show, The Queen Sesh.

"I was treated terribly, I was in absolute agony - left in the room covered in my own blood for hours without anybody coming to see if I was OK while my daughter was rushed off in an ambulance to another hospital because she was premature,” Constance said on radio.

Constance Hall has revealed she's terrified about giving birth in a public hospital. Photo: Facebook
Teh mum-of-four relived an awful birthing experience she had with one of her babies. Photo: Facebook

"I had post-traumatic stress. I woke up gasping for air for the next week, scared that I was back in that situation."

After receiving some backlash online, Constance reiterated her stance, saying having her child in a public hospital was the “worst experience of my life”.

“Was I supported? No. Was I giving the pain relief that I requested numerous times? No. Was I bullied into believing that I was doing a terrible job? Yes,” she said.

“I was left in my birthing suit for hours, unattended, alone, covered in my own blood, unable to move with the amount of stitches that went to my a**e and a premature baby who was whisked away with collapsed lungs.”

Constance Hall admitted she is feeling 'lonely'. Photo: Facebook/Constance Hall

Constance said she was only 25-years-old at the time and was unable to stand up for herself.

For her next birth Constance went private and said the doctor and midwives “treated me with dignity and changed my entire birthing experience for my two last births”.

“Now I have friends who are midwives in public hospitals and who have had babies in public hospitals and I am assured that this isn't the norm,” she said.

Constance Hall revealed she's expecting a baby in June. Photo: Instagram
This will be her fifth child and a third child for her partner, Denim Cooke. Photo: Instgaram

“That pain relief is a human right, that I would be in control should I do it again, but it will take a while for me to trust that again”.

Constance announced in a Facebook post last month that she was expecting ‘baby number 7’ with partner Denim Cooke, who has two kids from a previous relationship.

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