Eight-months pregnant powerlifter still lifting 110kg

Allison Yee

It’s a case of Strong by name, stronger by nature for pregnant mum Sarah Strong who has stunned the internet with her powerlifting routine that hasn’t stopped even though she’s weeks away from her due date.

The single mum, who already has four-year-old daughter Savannah, is eight months pregnant but still posts videos of herself on Instagram deadlifting 110kg and bench-pressing 53kg.

“Because I had been powerlifting for two years before this pregnancy, it is safe for me to continue lifting heavy,” she told the Metro.

Sarah is expecting a baby boy in just a few weeks. Photo: Instagram
The former PT turned to powerlifting two years ago. Photo: Instagram

“I am a low-risk pregnancy with no complications. So, for me there is no danger.”

The former personal trainer, who has openly shared her experiences as a survivor of domestic violence on social media, explains powerlifting has always made her feel strong.

“Powerlifting always reminds me of what I can overcome,” Sarah wrote on Instagram. “I share my story because I'm not ashamed of my struggles… My life has been messy and difficult, but it's real.”

Despite Sarah saying she’s in the best shape of her life, with powerlifting helping her to prepare for labour, the mum has had her fair share of trolls.

Sarah says powerlifting is helping prepare her body for labour. Photo: Instagram

“I’ve had people tell me I am killing my baby or I don’t deserve to have a baby,” she told the Metro.

“Those comments hurt the most. When the negativity is too much, I simply don’t respond.”

Sarah even competed in powerlifting competitions earlier in her pregnancy. Photo: Instagram

For Sarah, it’s all about women feeling strong no matter what.

“I'm passionate about helping women realise their strength and power,” she wrote on Instagram. “One day, I want to have a house with a garage gym that also offers various types of support for women, especially single mothers.”

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