Pregnant woman finds maggot in Woolworths nuts

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s the last thing you’d hope to see crawling in food you’re about to eat, and one Aussie mum has spoken of her horror after finding what she claims was a live maggot in a box of nuts bought from Woolworths.

The woman, who wishes to remain unidentified, is seven months pregnant and admits she had serious concerns after she and her husband spotted the insect.

The mum-to-be was horrified by the sight of an insect in her nut mix. Photo: Facebook

“We bought two packets of the fruit and nut mix from Oakleigh Central Woolworths on Saturday,” the woman tells Be.

“One was consumed last night whilst watching TV so it was dark, I don’t know if I’ve eaten any. The other one my husband and I were eating it this morning.”

After opening the second package of fruit and nut mix in the morning, the woman’s husband was shocked to discover something was moving at the edge of the container.

“Being seven months pregnant, I forced myself to throw up just in case I’d eaten one by mistake,” the woman tells Be.

The mum posted her photos on the Woolworths Facebook page. Photo: Facebook

After posting the photo to Facebook, Woolworths were quick to respond and get in touch with the woman.

“We’re very concerned about this… and take incidents like this very seriously,” they replied to the post. “Please let us know your phone number and state in a Private Message… so that we can follow this up with you ASAP.”

The supermarket giant have confirmed they are looking into the incident.

“At Woolworths we take food safety very seriously,” a spokesperson tells Be. “We’ve spoken with the customer and are investigating the matter.”


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