Pretentious wedding announcement goes viral

Bianca Soldani

If you thought wedding announcements in the paper were a thing of the past, think again.

A high society couple have gone viral for publishing an epic, 400-word essay declaring their marriage in the New York Times.

It explains that Grace Hays Holcomb du Pont wed Conor Jackson Sutherland at the end of last month, after the couple “dated at Princeton” and first met when “Ms. du Pont offered a ride to Mr. Sutherland”.

But don’t go thinking this was any old ride! The upper echelons of society do things with much more flare, as the announcement explains: Mr. Sutherland and a friend “had just moored their sailboat and were preparing for a long row back to the dock, whereas she was piloting her family’s motorized tender.”

And no, we’re not kidding.

The announcement goes on to inform the reader that, “the bride and groom both graduated from Princeton, she cum laude and he magna cum laude,” before launching into the bride’s prestigious heritage.

“The bride is a descendant of Éleuthère Irénée du Pont, the founder of what is now known as the DuPont Company,” it says.

“She is also a granddaughter of Pierre S. du Pont IV of Rockland, Del., who was the governor of Delaware from 1977 to 1985, and is a great-great-granddaughter of Llewellyn Powers, who was the governor of Maine from 1897 to 1901.” Good to know.

She's part of the New York aristocracy and don't you forget it. Photo: Getty

The groom on the other hand, is an investment banker who at 30, “helps buy, manage and sell companies in the portfolio at Apollo Global Management, an investment firm in Manhattan.”

The couple have drawn a strong reaction from people on social media with one person saying, “Nothing at all elitist about them. Just your average Americans, offspring of ordinary hardworking billionaires, falling in love and deciding to walk through life hand-in-hand together”.

“This one New York Times marriage announcement pushed me further towards embracing Communism than nearly a decade of higher education,” another jokes.

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