Royal ex-staffers spill on family secrets

Allison Yee

They have a slew of assistants to help them get through life, but what happens when royal aides go rogue?

The British royal family have had their fair share of ex-staffers spilling their secrets, with some serving in the Palace for years – only to go on and reveal what really went on behind closed doors with Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's ex staffers have aired their dirty laundry in the past. Photo: Getty

Private secretary Patrick Jephson

He spoke out as recently as last year on Diana’s determination not to be discarded as an inconvenient mistake, and the Princess’ former private secretary of seven years Patrick Jephson has had no qualms on spilling all the details about her relationship with the royal family.

After hand-delivering his resignation note to the princess in 1996, Patrick released his tell all memoir Shadows of a Princess in 2000, detailing how angry the Princess became at how she was treated by the royal family.

Patrick resigned in 1996 after seven years as Diana's private secretary. Photo: Getty
Patrick was slammed by the Queen and Prince Charles for his tell all about Diana and the family. Photo: Getty

Reportedly claiming the royal jewellery she received was reward for “years of purgatory with this f***ing family", the Guardian also claims Patrick’s book touched on Diana smuggling one of her lovers into the Palace in the boot of her car, and “becoming paranoid about non-existent plots to bug her conversations or even assassinate her”.

Valet Ken Stronach

He was responsible for Prince Charles’ wardrobe and travel arrangements but royal valet, Ken Stronach was also responsible for spilling some very intimate details about the Duke of Cornwall’s sleeping habits.

After 15 years of service, Ken spilled the beans on his famous boss, Charles. Photo: Getty

Not only revealing the prince likes to take a teddy bear to bed, Ken candidly exposed how he had to scrub grass stains out of Prince Charles’ pyjamas after a nighttime tryst with Camilla Parker-Bowles while the Duke was married to Diana.

Prince Charles was forced to get a High Court injunction to stop Ken from revealing more details on his life with Diana. Photo: Getty

“Prince Charles made love to Camilla Parker Bowles in the bushes of his Highgrove mansion while Princess Diana slept inside," News of the World reported the valet telling them in 1995.

"It was a big risk and a stupid thing to do but he's blind to everything where the lady is concerned."

Secretary Sarah Goodall

After 12 years as Prince Charles’ secretary, Sarah Goodall decided to spill the beans with a vengeance after she was let go in 2000 – reportedly with a jealous Camilla behind the sacking.

Sarah claims to have shared meals and watched films with Prince Charles while working for him. Photo: Getty

Not only attempting to sell the Duke of Cornwall’s private diaries to the British press, she put pen to paper with her book The Palace Diaries: The True Story of Life Behind the Palace Gates.

Sarah, who had access to Prince Charles’ private journals and often traveled on his private plane with him, reveals she had a close, sometimes ‘flirtatious’ relationship with her boss – which took place during his marriage breakdown to Diana and through his romance to Camilla.

"If having affairs when one is married is something to be seriously condemned, then as many rotten eggs should be flung at the memory of Diana as at the persons of Charles and Camilla," Sarah reportedly wrote in the tell all.

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