Prince George needs a new name

Kristine Tarbert

There are strict rules when it comes to choosing names within the royal family.

And as Prince George prepares to register at school in London next month, it looks like he’ll be in the need of a new name.

The third in line for the throne doesn’t usually use a surname thanks to his royal status, but for school he will need to add one.

Prince George is set to register for school next month. Photo: Getty

According to reports, the four-year-old son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has a few options to choose from; 'Wales', 'Cambridge' or 'Mountbatten-Windsor'.

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Prince George looked adorable on his first day of nursery school. Photo: Instagram

The first two take their precedent from Prince William and Harry, who were both in the same predicament when they started school.

To solve the problem, they took on the surname 'Wales', which was a cute reference to their dad Charles, who is of course the Prince of Wales.

So similarly, George could adopt the name 'Cambridge' which is his dad's official title, or 'Wales' like William did himself.

He is expected to choose between 'Wales', 'Cambridge' or 'Mountbatten-Windsor'. Photo: Instagram

Considering William and Kate have been pretty keen to stick to tradition when it comes to those sentimental things - they keep dressing George in replica outfits of ones Wills wore as a kid - we wouldn't be surprised to see the young royal take up either of these.

But on the other hand, most members of the British royal family tend to use the double barrelled surname 'Mountbatten-Windsor'. While the Queen's surname is 'Windsor' - which she kept from her father after marrying Prince Phillip - she decided that her descendants would take both her and her husband's surame - which is 'Mountbatten' - should they need one.

Little George's full name is already George Alexander Louis, so 'Mountbatten-Windsor' would be quite the mouthful to add onto the end!

Whatever the Duke and Duchess choose, we should find out before the youngster starts at Thomas's Battersea next week. Luckily for him, it's ony 20 minutes from his home at Kensington Palace, but the exclusive institution costs an eye-watering AU$10K a term.

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