Prince William shares life-changing memory of Princess Di

Allison Yee

It was his mother’s great love, so it’s no wonder Prince William has followed in the footsteps of his famously empathetic and charity-focused mum Princess Diana.

Now, the royal has revealed exactly how much of an influence his late mum’s passion to help others was from an early age.

Speaking at the Charity Commission Annual Public Meeting earlier this week, Prince William paid a heartfelt tribute to his parents for helping shape him and brother Prince Harry’s focus on helping others.

Prince William paid an emotional tribute to his parents at an event this week. Photo: Getty

“When I first became a father about four and half years ago, I began a process of thinking about the way I had been brought up, and the values that my parents had instilled in me,” Prince William said.

The soon-to-be dad of three explained there was one pivotal moment with late mum Princess Di that sticks out in his mind.

"I remember being taken by my mother to a homelessness shelter at a young age,” he explained.

“Her explaining to me why the people I met there matter, why no society can be healthy unless we take other people seriously.”

The prince's comments were tweeted by Kensington Palace, alongside a candid photo of the young royal laughing alongside his mum during a charity visit.

Wills and his wife Kate Middleton are dedicated to raising awareness for various charities. Photo: Getty

It’s a legacy his mum has left behind, with the prince explaining his responsibilities were drummed into him from an early age.

Princess Diana was known as the people's princess, and Wills is doing his best to follow in his mum's footsteps. Photo: Getty

The prince also paid tribute to his father, Prince Charles as well.

Prince William is particularly dedicated to charities involving young people and mental health awareness. Photo: Getty

“As a young child, I recall evening after evening my father's diligence and compassion as he applied himself to answering thousands of letters and reading endless reports in order to stay on top of his ambition to do all he could to help the underprivileged,” said the royal.

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