Princess Anne bows to the Spanish royals at lavish dinner

Sarah Carty

She may be Queen Elizabeth’s daughter but even Princess Anne is expected to curtsy to the King and Queen of Spain.

Princess Anne was pictured welcoming King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain to a lavish dinner hosted by the princess and her husband, Vice-Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.

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The 66-year-old wore long white gloves and a dazzling tiara to match her trailing embroidered gown.

Princess Anne was pictured curtsying to Spain's King Felipe. Photo: Getty

Queen Letizia dared to bare some flesh during the evening in a solid navy column dress matched with glistening diamonds.

The royals were on the second day of their trip to the UK, which saw them attending an opulent state dinner at Kensington Palace.

It might be unusual to see Princess Anne curtsying to anyone as she is the Queen of England’s daughter, however because the King and Queen of Spain hold a higher royal ranking than her, royal protocol states she must bow in their presence.

Princess Anne showed Queen Letizia of Spain the way. Photo: Getty Images

Likewise, whenever Kate Middleton is with Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, she must curtsy, however if she is with Prince William, they must curtsy to her.

The royal Order of Precedence rule was updated in 2012 to take into account Kate and William’s new place in the royal family after being married.

Princess Anne held a royal dinner to welcome the King and Queen. Photo: Getty
She showed Queen Letizia the way. Photo: Getty Images

While Kate must bow to blood princesses, the Countess of Wessex , Sophie, must curtsy to Kate, even when William is not with her.

It’s thought that the Queen updated the Order in 2005 when Prince Charles married Camilla just so his sister Princess Anne or Princess Alexandra were required to curtsy in her presence.

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