Princess Bea is a New York hipster

Aletha Wilkinson

The longer Princess Beatrice lives in New York, the further her sense of personal style evolves.

In fact, it's rapidly veering away from "prim English aristocrat" and more in the direction of "black-clad inner-city hipster".

All-black outfit, check. Source: Mega

Bea, whose LinkedIn profile says she is currently a Vice President of Partnerships & Strategy at software development company Afiniti, strolled the streets of NYC this week looking serious – and seriously un-princesslike.

Why so serious though Bea? Source: Mega
Beatrice has 81 connections on the career-networking site. Source: LinkedIn

In a navy blue jersey, black textured skirt, black puffer jacket and pristine white sneakers, 28-year-old Bea no doubt fit right in amongst the rest of the city's cool kids.

Running around? Sneakers are perfect. Source: Mega
The gold toe-caps give the whole outfit a lift. Source: Mega

Her hair scraped up into a messy bun, Bea kept her phone close to hand – she obviously needs to be available at all times.

Bea has been living in NYC for some time now. Source: Mega

It's something of a departure from her former style of dressing.

Bea hasn't always been so pared back and chic. Source: Getty
The definition of off-duty style. Source: Mega

In you were hoping to snag some of Bea's style, you're out of luck – her Sandro puffer jacket is completely sold out.

Sorry guys, you can't have the jacket. Sold out everywhere. Source: Mega
White sneakers are definitely here to stay for winter. Source: Mega
Just last year, Bea was still dressing far more formally. Source: Getty

This former uptown girl is looking more and more downtown by the month. Keep it up, Bea.

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