Why Princess Charlotte's future kids won't get a royal title

Sarah Carty

They may be two of the most regal kids out there but according to reports, if Princess Charlotte ever has kids, they may not be given a royal title.

However it's a different story for Prince George, whose future kids would all be Princes or Princesses.

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It all comes down to the royal lineage - which means that royal titles are usually passed down through sons, not daughters.

Princess Charlotte's future kids won't have a royal title. Photo: Getty Images
However Prince George's kids will have HRH titles. Photo: Getty Images

"Royal titles are inherited through sons, so if Princess Charlotte has children they would not automatically inherit the titles HRH, Prince, or Princess," etiquette expert Lucy Hume told Town & Country.

If you think back through the last few decades of the royal family, it appears that the tradition has been upheld religiously.

The Queen's daughter, Princess Anne, has two children, Zara Tindall and Mike Phillips, don't have official royal title.

Royal titles are usually passed down through sons, not daughters. Photo: Getty Images
Princess Charlotte's kids will have no HRH title before their names. Photo: Getty Images

However her brother, Prince Andrew's two daughters - Beatrice and Eugenie - both have Princess titles.

It's also possible for the royal family to ask for their offspring to be exempt from taking on a HRH title.

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