Royal secret to shake Princess Mary's marriage

Sarah Carty

They may look like they have the ultimate fairytale relationship from the outside, but new details about Princess Mary and Prince Frederik’s marriage is set to blow that apart.

According to New Idea, a new tell-all book is about to be released by Mikael Rosanes, who is the ex-husband of the niece of Denmark’s Queen Margrethe, Camilla af Rosenborg.

It’s believed the book contains an explosive secret about Prince Frederik and the Danish royal family that has never been revealed before and the palace are said to be in damage control.

A new book is said to be causing turmoil in the Danish royal family. Photo: Getty Images

“It’s something which has not been told earlier, and it will surprise you all,” Mikael told the publication.

Indeed, the bombshell is the last thing Princess Mary and Prince Frederik need at the moment, as they are believed to be preparing to become king and queen.

Tasmanian-born Mary, who wed Prince Fredeik in a lavish ceremony in 2004, is reportedly being put through her paces by none other than Queen Margrethe, who is said to be keen to prepare the royal for her new role.

There have been mumblings amongst royal insiders for months now about Princess Mary and Prince Frederik taking over the throne and perhaps the secret in the book touches on their new positions?

It's believed Princess Mary and the Danish palace are in damage control. Photo: Getty Images
It's thought that Princess Mary and Prince Frederik are preparing to become king and queen. Photo: Getty Images

Rumours intensified last month when Princess Mary was pictured appearing alongside Queen Margrethe for a celebration at Greve Museum, where the 46-year-old looked like she was taking in a lot of pointers from the Queen.

“When Queen Margrethe brings Mary to an event she has been attending herself for years, it is her very clear way of saying to her daughter-in-law ‘This is something you will be taking on yourself one day’,” a royal insider told Woman’s Day.

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