Prison inmate claims he's Prince's son

Carly Williams
Yahoo7 Entertainment

There's yet another person after Prince's estate.

A 39-year-old inmate in a US federal prison (he's behind bars for gun possession) says he is the son of the pop legend which would make him the sole heir to his estate.

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His claims were filed by his attorney in the same court Prince’s siblings are seeking their share of the singer’s fortune.

Papers say in July 1976 Williams mum had sex with Prince, before he was famous, during a boozie night at a hotel in Kansas City.

Prince. Photo: Getty

Williams’ mother, Marsha Henson, says in an affidavit she and the singer drank wine at a hotel lobby then got a room at another hotel.

Williams' mum says she's certain Prince is the father because she didn’t have sex with anyone six weeks before the alleged hook up and until after her son was born.

Prince alleged son. Photo: Facebook

Prince would have been 17 or 18 at the time.

A medical examiner has apparently been ordered to give a sample of Prince’s blood to the special Minnesota administrator of Prince's estate, for DNA testing to determine possible heirs.