Outrageous new trend: The squiggly-brow

Allison Yee

Just when you thought the trend for brows couldn’t get any bigger or bolder, we introduce to you the squiggly brow.

Raising (and lowering) eyebrows all over Instagram, think Cara DeLevingne meets Willy Wonka for this new trend.

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Beauty blogger Promise Tamang, who boasts over one million Instagram followers hanging off her every grooming move, is one of the latest to show off the new look.

“New Brow trend??? When you're tired of being basic,” she captioned the pic. “Somebody dare me to go out like this”

Promise isn’t the only one who’s keen to get this trend going, but be warned it’s not easy.

Revealing all to Popsugar, Promise explained it was a process of using washable PVA glue to paste her eyebrow hair down, then using a concealer to disguise her real hair.

Follow that with some pressed powder to completely hide her real eyebrows and emphasise the squiggle - and she's done.

Would you do it?

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