Psychic who predicted Trump win: 'Harry will marry Meghan'

Jennifer Fletcher

She’s the psychic that predicted Donald Trump would win the US election.

And now Philippa Lee has made another shock prediction – she believes Prince Harry will end up getting married to Meghan Markle!

Appearing on this morning’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, she told the hosts, “I do see [Harry] being married, and I see him as coming more into the family with that and being more of a media presence.

Prince Harry confirmed his relationship with Meghan Markle this week. Source: Getty

“I think he will marry her. I think he’s ready. I see it very soon.”

Meanwhile, she had words of reassurance for the public in the wake of Trump’s election, insisting, “I see it as a really good thing.”

“I think [Trump’s] going to bring transparency to the system,” she said.

Kyle and Jackie O. Source: AAP

There was shock in store for Kyle though, when she revealed the 45-year-old will not only marry girlfriend Imogen Anthony, 25, “ soon”, but she also sees them with a baby!

“I see a child as well, if you want one,” Philippa told him. “It’s all free will and choice.”

Kyle with his girlfriend Imogen Anthony. Source: Instagram

“Wow,” the radio host replied. “I wouldn’t say no to one but I don’t look at kids in prams and wish it was me pushing them to Westfield.”

What’s more, the fortune-teller reveals she predicts same-sex marriage will be legalised in Australia next year.

Good news all round!

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