We bet you never thought to take this item on holiday

Kristine Tarbert

Packing for a holiday can be stressful when you’re trying to think of everything you might possibly need while away.

And now we’ve discovered another thing that we should probably have in our suitcases.

This hack may not be something that has crossed your mind before, but according to these Aussie pilots, it’s a must.

Given how important it is for them to catch some decent shut eye before a flight, no matter how jet lagged they are or what time zone they’re in, the humble bulldog clip has turned into an absolute essential.

“Pre-flight rest usually entails trying to sleep during the daytime, which can be problematic due to light in the hotel room,” Wayne, a Second Officer with Qantas, tells Be.

Aussie pilots say bulldog clips are a travel must have. Photo: Getty

“To darken the room, I always carry a couple of bulldog clips, which I use to clip the curtains together.

“I also use ear plugs to block out noise from air conditioning, vacuum cleaners and passers-by.”

Sleep before a flight is crucial for pilots. Photo: Getty

Fellow Second Officer Chris agrees bull dog clips are the way to go, but if you don’t have any just check out the hotel wardrobe and grab the trouser clips on the coat hangers in there.

In terms of packing your suitcase in general, Chris says he is both a roller and a folder when it comes to maximising space.

“I roll my trousers and jeans so I don’t get crease marks in them, and the rest of my stuff I fold flat so I can fit it all in taking up minimal space,” he tells Be.

Chris rolls and folds his clothes to maximise space. Photo: Getty

When you then finally do board the plane Chris also has a handy tip for making the flight more comfortable.

“When drinking water on board, add an electrolyte to the water,” he tells us.

“This allows it to be absorbed by your body more quickly and you won’t have to go to the bathroom as much, especially when you’re just about to fall asleep.”

More sleep both on and off the plane = winning!

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