Oh dear! Someone faceswapped the Queen and Prince George

Jessica Clark
Yahoo7 Entertainment

The world went crazy when a new portrait of the Royal family was released to celebrate Her Majesty's 90th birthday.

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In it, cheeky George can be seen tightly gripping his father's hand while standing tall on a stack of foam blocks and wearing a giant grin across his chubby cheeks.


But of course, the Internet had to go and ruin everything. Is nothing sacred anymore?!

Twitter user @jennywhojenny has gone viral after she faceswapped the young prince with his great-grandmother.

This is terrifying... Photo: Twitter

"He looks like Steve Buscemi!" someone was quick to notice.

"Prince George looks like Kevin Rudd as a child," commented someone else.

While the photo is at once terrifying and hilarious, it's plain to see the family resemblance.

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