Queen almost shot on night walk

Leah Cohen

One of Her Majesty’s walks in the dark nearly cost her her life!

Queen Elizabeth II almost got shot by one of her guards during her early morning walks at Buckingham Palace when they confused her for an intruder.

Her Majesty almost got shot by one of her patrolmen. Photo: Getty Images

An ex-guardsman opened up to The Times of London and revealed the 90-year-old royal likes to rug up, brave the cold and take a stroll when she finds it difficult to get to sleep.

At 3am one morning, the former guard told the publication he saw a “figure in the darkness” while he was patrolling inside the palace walls and called out to see who was there.

The Queen loves talking walks around the palace when she struggles to sleep. Photo: Getty Images

He assumed the worst but heard someone reply to him, it was the Queen herself.

“Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you,” the guard recalled the incident.

The incident occurred within the Buckingham Palace walls at 3am one morning. Photo: Getty Images

“That’s quite all right,” the Queen responded. “Next time I’ll ring through beforehand so you don’t have to shoot me.”

Buckingham Palace has not commented on the incident.

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It’s been reported the monarch has been suffering from the common cold the past few weeks, which is believed to be the reason for her no-show at the annual Christmas and New Year’s Day annual church services.

Queen Elizabeth II’s last public appearance was on December 8 last year at the annual diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace.

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