Queensland nanna goes off about Johnny Depp on Sunrise

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Bundaberg resident Mary Walker chased down a Channel Seven news crew this morning to have her two bob about the Johnny Depp and Barnaby Joyce debacle.

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Mary was fuming that Johnny called the deputy Prime Minister an "inbred tomato" on a US talk show and ranted to Sunrise cameras that the actor was nothing but a "limp lettuce leaf in makeup."

Mary on Sunrise. Photo: Channel Seven

"Mr Johnny Depp can go and make a running jump," Mary ranted on air.

"Australian people should be backing him up. Go go, Mr. Barnaby! I'm happy to have a yummy tomato."

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce. Photo: Getty

The war of words between Johnny and Barnaby Joyce has been going for months, after the actor and his soon-to-be-ex wife Amber Heard smuggled their two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, into the country while the actor was filming in Queensland.

Johnny Depp. Photo: Getty

Earlier this month, the Edward Scissorhands actor mocked the awkward apology video he was forced to film with his wife after they were found guilty of falsifying travel documents.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Photo: Getty

According to TMZ, Amber Heard filed for divorce earlier this week, citing "irreconcilable differences''.