Rachael Finch says her daughter has predicted the sex of baby number two!

Amy Stevenson

Rachael Finch and husband Michael Miziner only announced last week that they were expecting baby number two.

But it's the couple's two-year-old daughter Violet who seems to already know whether it'll be a brother or sister joining the family.

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Rachael Finch at the Myer Spring 2016 launch on Tuesday. Source: Media-Mode

Speaking to Be at the Myer Spring 2016 launch on Tuesday night, Rachael and Michael said they're choosing to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex, however their daughter is adamant she already knows.

“I keep saying to her 'Is it a sister or a brother? Do you want a sister or a brother?' And she goes ‘Sister. It’s a girl mummy, it’s a girl,'" Rachael told Be.

"Every time we press the elevator button, there are two options and she always picks the right one! So there could a sixth sense there!”

Meanwhile Michael said Violet couldn't be more excited to about the prospect of becoming a big sister!

“She is very excited! We just spent a couple of weeks in America with my nephew who is eight, so the idea of playing with an older brother... She loved it!" Michael said.

"Now she’s come back and all she is doing is going 'Mummy mummy baby tummy! Baby tummy!'”

Michael, Rachael and daughter Violet. Source: Instagram

And despite being caught up in the excitement of adding a fourth member to their family, the Myer Ambassador said it hasn't all been smooth sailing in her first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

“Now I’m feeling much better. I had some pretty severe morning sickness," Rachael said.

"I don’t know why they call it morning sickness because weeks six to twelve - morning, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon, all night. It was just wanting to throw up all the time but it’s starting to ease now which is beautiful.”

Looking towards the warmer seasons, Rachael said she'll be taking tips from the Myer runway for her Summer wardrobe as her bump starts to get bigger.

“I still love that off-the-shoulder feel. I feel through pregnancy you have to try things on as you go and at different phases. At the moment it’s that awkward phase of ‘Did she eat too much or is she pregnant? I’m not sure,'" she joked.

"So just flowy fabrics, soft fabrics, floral designs with the cinching at the right places."

The couple announced Rachael was 12 weeks along last week. Source: Instagram

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