Toddler’s past life revelation: ‘I died in a Paris tunnel’

Olivia Morris

Nova FM radio host Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli has revealed his son’s bizarre confession about his past life on his show Fitzy and Wippa.

Two-year-old Ted apparently has an obsession with Paris and recently admitted to his dad that he “died in a tunnel there”.

Wippa revealed his son's bizarre confession on air. Source: Getty
Two-year-old Ted (right) told his dad he 'died in a tunnel in Paris.' Source: Instagram

Female co-host Sarah McGilvray makes a shocking connection from the toddler’s claim saying: “Oh my God, Ted is Princess Diana…or Dodi Fayed.”

“There has been quite a bit of Diana documentaries on TV at the moment,” Fitzy added.

Wippa revealed his son's bizarre confession on the Fitzy and Wippa Show on Nova FM. Source: Getty

But Wippa said that Ted hasn’t seen any of “that stuff”.

At present, there has been a lot of coverage on Diana, Princess of Wales as the 20th anniversary of her death approaches at the end of August.

The 20th anniversary of Diana's death is coming up, after she tragically died in a car accident in Paris. Source: Getty

The Princess tragically passed away on August 31, 1997 after she was involved in a car crash with boyfriend Dodi Fayed in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris.

Earlier in the segment Wippa explained: “I’ve never been to Paris, never seen the Eiffel tower… anyway growing up we thought, ‘Ted’s a little bit different’ in that he’s been seeing things.

Wippa has two sons, Ted and one-year-old Jack. Source: Instagram

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He added: “We had a nanny that used to help out a bit, Sarah, and she used to say, ‘Look I don’t know if Ted’s very spiritual but he points at things that aren’t often in the room and it’s a little bit strange.’”

The 37-year-old then revealed that his son constantly says how much he wants to go on holidays to Paris.

Wippa, real name Michael Wipfli, is married to Lisa Wipfli. Source: Getty

Wippa, real name Michael Wipfli is married to Lisa Wipfli and the couple have two sons together, Ted and one-year-old Jack.

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