The rainbow coffee trend is the most mesmerising of them all

Leah Cohen

You went to bed dreaming of rainbow grilled cheese toasties and now you're waking up to technicolour coffee.

Rainbow lattes are the latest colour-blazing beverages sweeping the net. The man behind the multicoloured milk is Las Vegas barista Mason Salisbury.

Rainbow lattes are the latest in coffee art. Photo: Instagram

The “free pour latte art” technique requires a steady hand and precise movements, as well as espresso to see the pattern you’re making.

Only last week did Salisbury decide to use dyed foam to help baristas in training at Sambalatte pour the perfect latte leaves every time, while saving shots of precious espresso. Genius.

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After many successful trials with customers, Salisbury went on to share his rainbow coffee art with the world on Instagram and has since become a sensation.

Salisbury uses dyed milk instead of espresso to train baristas making coffee art. Photo: Instagram

Watching him pour and create incredible leaf designs with the psychedelic milk is the most mesmerising thing you’ve ever seen.

Watch the video above to be taken on the caffeine trip of a lifetime.

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