Rebecca Judd Slammed For Letting Her Children Play Dress-Up In Her Couture Logies Gown

Sarah Carty

Rebecca Judd drew gasps from the crowd when she arrived at Sunday night's Logies Awards looking dazzling in a baby blue J'Aton couture gown.

However now the TV Presenter is facing backlash after posting a video to her Instagram page showing her two children playing dress-up in the $35,000 dress the day after the show.

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In the video, Bec's two children, Oscar, 4, and Billie, 2, can be seen excitedly jumping around in the layers of tulle, and their Burmese cat Cherry also joined in on the fun.

Bec Judd's two children and cat played dress-up with her couture gown.

Within minutes, Bec's Instagram was filled with comments from disgraced mothers and fashion lovers, who thought it was "disrespectful" the 33-year-old let her children 'thrash' the dress.

"A little unappreciative... I voted for that gown and I imagine many girls never able to afford would give anything to wear," one commenter said.

"Yeah I have to agree this is a bit disrespectful especially to the designers who have created such a unique piece of art for you...' another said.

And the comments just kept coming.

"I just wonder if you had spent $35000 on it you would have done that! I know I wouldn't," an Instagram user said.

"I don't understand why you would allow them to do this weather it's a $20 or $35.000."

However the designers behind the magical dress hit back on the comments section, claiming "the world is in desperate need of love & positivity".

"Bec is blessed to have such strong & inspiring followers such as yourselves who truly see the depths of her soul," J'Aton wrote.

"She is selfless, caring, nurturing, incredibly hardworking, inspiring and treats everyone with the utmost respect. We are blessed to have her & her family in our lives. Thank you for truly getting it, the world is in need of more people like yourselves to inspire more love & positivity on social media & ultimately educate with the power of these actions.

"We woke up to this video today & it filled our hearts with pure joy. It made all the sacrifice & hard work over the past 20 year career, every difficulty and struggle worth it for this one precious moment that this family shared of pure joy from their hearts & that Rebecca so graciously welcomed her followers to be apart of as well. J&Axx"